Las Vegas Video Post Production
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Video Editing and Post Production:

Post production work at our Las Vegas company is accomplished using the latest Apple technology. Our clients benefit from Apple's amazing video editing and post production technology, keeping post production costs to a minimum because of Apple products' ability to operate with few rendering requirements.
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Wireless Mics
Field Mixers

Professional Editing
Advantages of Media 100i

Color Correction
Slow Motion
Special Effects
Multistream Tracks

DVD Authoring
Media 100iXr
DVD Studio Pro
Motion Graphics
3D Animations
Real-time recording
with Pioneer PVR-9000

Professional Editing and Production
MEDIA 100iXr Streaming for Internet
Script Writing Stream: Corp Intranet
Storyboards and Dailies Output: DVCAM
Real-time: Color Correction Output: DigiBeta
Real-time: Special Effects Output: BetaSP
Real-time: Transitions Output: PAL
Real-time: Audio Effects Output: SeCam
Quick Output and Export Output: DVD MPEG2
Lossless Compression Corporate Press-Kits

Our Client,
Scott Studios 702 came to us with a video for a Las Vegas tourism company which needed a 20 minute high end video edit of all of their tours.

The video needed to have custom graphics and a picture montage for each section of the video.

The edit required a higher quality than the clients Final Cut Pro system and JCS' Media 100iXr proved to be the system to get this edit complete in record time.

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