Las Vegas Video Post Production
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Las Vegas Cameraman and Field Production:

JCS Broadcast Video Productions has all the equipment needed to make your videos stand out from the rest. Jibs, cranes, teleprompters, dollies, tracks, lighting equipment, and audio and video mixers are all included in our regular full-day rates. All footage is captured on Broadcast Betacam SP or Sony DVCam. All footage is digitized in SDI, component, or firewire, thereby allowing for the highest quality possible. Let JCS Broadcast be your Las Vegas videographer of choice!
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Wireless Mics
Field Mixers

Professional Editing
Advantages of Media 100i

Color Correction
Slow Motion
Special Effects
Multistream Tracks

DVD Authoring
Media 100iXr
DVD Studio Pro
Motion Graphics
3D Animations
Real-time recording
with Pioneer PVR-9000

Field-Corporate Production
Storyboards Teleprompters
Script Writing Jib
Dailies Crane
Rigging Track Systems
Lighting Kits Gels - Filters Licensed Music
Wireless Mics Multicamera
Boom Mics Training
Audio Mixers Corporate Press-Kits
Video Mixers  

In the area of field acquisition, we had a client that distributed heavy-duty construction equipment. He wanted to produce an informational sales video for local marketing, and was hoping to increase sales of the Caterpillar brand he sold.

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