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Posted on March 28, 2015 at 9:00 AM by Jack Vosburgh

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Balancing a creative family in Southern Nevada.

JCS Photography-Video Productions, Las Vegas, Henderson, Spring Valley, and North Las Vegas produces creative media and award-winning solutions to help individuals and corporate clients capture the special moments. Jack founded the company in 1987 after being discharged form the Air Force. Having a strong background in electronic engineering gave Vosburgh the technical foundation needed to start what has since become a meaningful player in the video production industry in Las Vegas.

With a team of creative family memebers and award-winning producers, JCS Photography-Video Productions, can develop media in any creative style. After several years of shooting special events and wedding videos -- during which time he became the acknowledged leader in that field, -- Vosburgh purchased a Betacam SP camera and editing deck and decided to move into the more demanding fields of corporate and broadcast video.

Business success and the desire to give the client a faster, better, more professional product led Vosburgh to the decision to invest in a Media 100 NLE system. It was the single most expensive investment ever made by JCS Photo-Video Productions, but it proved to be a boon to the company as Vosburgh began producing videos that, just a short time earlier, he had only dreamed
of doing.

Less than 10 years later Vosburgh was elected Vice President of the Las Vegas Chapter of the International Television Association (ITVA). He has subsequently been elected President of that organization three times. In addition to his other professional affiliations, Vosburgh also served as a judge for the 2003 Awards in Media Excellence (AiME) program. His company has produced video commercials for small private businesses as well as corporate videos for companies and government entities such as Bechtel, SAIC, and the U.S. Department of Energy that have been seen around the world.

JCS Video Productions continues to hone its skills. Future plans include continuing to strive to be the best video broadcast production company in the State of Nevada, ultimately moving into the world of motion pictures. With the assistance of his creative family, big things are in the future.

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Fun Wedding Videos. Like the creativity and the venues.

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